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What to Look for in the Best Health and Wellness Writer
What to Look for in the Best Health and Wellness Writer

As the founder of Copywriting For You, I’ve crafted content for numerous health and wellness businesses, from HealthDay to wellness and Medispas to dental practices across the U.S. Over the years, I’ve had pretty candid conversations with clients about their expectations for writers in this niche. 

Interestingly, their criteria often extend beyond conventional qualifications. Some clients prioritize physical fitness in writers, hoping it reflects a commitment to wellness. Others focus on fast delivery and low costs, occasionally at the expense of quality. And yet, the clients often lack an understanding of what they should really be looking for. This can result in poor-quality content that does your website, and worse, your customers, absolutely no good.

Finding the Best Health and Wellness Writer for Your Business 

One of my favorite niches for writing is health and wellness. Why? Not because I am some athlete—far from it. I have struggled with the yo-yo of weight gain and loss for years. I’ve struggled with high blood pressure (it runs in the family), and I’ve had a few other things come up along the way. And by no means does that qualify me to be an expert in the health and wellness space.

The truth is, that the only true experts are those who work directly in the space—doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. But the chances of getting them to write for you are slim to non-existent. As a result, my suggestion is not necessarily to look for those writers. 

Rather, look for someone who has a passion for health and wellness. Someone who moves their body each day. Someone who understands the concept of taking care of their health. But most importantly, look for a great writer who is willing to do the homework to create you a great piece of content. 

That said, here are seven critical traits to consider when hiring a health and wellness writer.

1. Understanding the Real Cost of Bargain Prices

The lowest cost and highest quality rarely go hand in hand. It’s tempting to cut corners on spending but remember, you often get what you pay for. I’ve seen clients who chose cheaper options only to end up with content riddled with errors and poor SEO—yes, I’ve looked at the content on their websites after losing deals to “lower-cost writers.” And I’ve had several instances where clients come back to me to “fix” articles that they hired a cheaper writer to create. 

The message? Investing a bit more can significantly enhance the quality of your content and, ultimately, the credibility of your brand.

2. Fitness Doesn’t Guarantee Writing Skills

While hiring physically fit writers might seem appealing, it’s not a surefire indicator of their writing prowess. Instead, look for writers who are genuinely enthusiastic about health and wellness. They should be knowledgeable and actively engage in healthy practices, but their communication ability must stand above the rest.

3. SEO Savvy is Non-Negotiable

Understanding SEO is really a non-negotiable for website content. A competent health and wellness writer knows how to use headers effectively, break up text for readability, use keywords naturally without stuffing, and apply the concept of E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) to content creation. This ensures that your blog is informative and performs well on search engines.

4. Versatility in Writing Tons and Style

Every brand has its unique voice. The right writer can match this voice and adapt their writing style to suit various types of content, whether it’s blog posts, newsletters, or social media updates. This versatility is a must for maintaining a consistent brand identity across all platforms.

5. Capacity for Empathy and Understanding

Health topics can be personal and sensitive. A good health writer connects with readers by writing in an empathetic tone that respects the personal experiences and challenges of those seeking wellness. I’ve written articles on some pretty tough topics over the years—cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and so much more.

The best health and wellness writers know how to be empathetic without interjecting opinions that don’t make sense for the purpose of the content. This quality and attention to detail can make your content feel more relatable and engaging.

6. Commitment to Continuous Learning

The fields of health and wellness and marketing are constantly evolving. Seek out a writer who knows the best research platforms. Ensure the writer understands the significance of not linking to one of your competitors. Linking to highly reputable sites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and World Health Organization (WHO) will help your content get more legs.

Perhaps also important here is to understand that the very nature of health and wellness writing might require more involvement from you. It’s imperative that the information in these articles is accurate to ensure you don’t guide readers in the wrong direction. Be willing to partner with the reader and point them to where to get the facts. The best writers will appreciate this, and you can be reassured of more directionally correct content.

7. Willingness to Accept Feedback and Edits

Make sure that whoever writes for you is willing to accept feedback and won’t be offended by any edits you make. Ultimately, once you pay for the work, it should be yours to do with it as you wish. I am well-versed in having my health and wellness content reviewed by a medical professional. 

Occasionally (though thankfully not often), these experts even contacted me to let me know I got something wrong. When this happens, especially in the health and wellness space, I welcome the feedback. It provides me with new knowledge that I can leverage in future writing. 

To Find the Best Health and Wellness Writer, Look Beyond the Surface 

Finding the right health and wellness writer involves looking beyond surface-level traits like cost and physical fitness. It’s about finding someone who embodies the spirit of wellness, understands the technicalities of SEO, and can communicate effectively and empathetically with your audience. 

Remember, the quality of your content directly reflects your brand. Choose wisely to ensure your message resonates well and aligns with your values. Are you looking for a health and wellness writer for your business? Set up some time on my calendar, and let’s chat! I’d love to be considered for your next project.

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