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I love it when people ask me what I do for work. Often, I just tell them I’m a writer. I wait to see if they want more information. And when they do, a cocked head typically accompanies it, and a follow-on question, what do you write? Depending on the person who asks, I might respond to the effect of a little bit of this and a little bit of that

But typically, I tell them that I am a freelance blogger and copywriter, and my job is to write content for websites. And with a bit of a dramatic effect, I often pause and then say, I can create great SEO content for your website.

Why is Great SEO Content For Your Website So Important?

Now, when I talk with clients and prospective clients, they typically understand SEO. They know it’s important, but they don’t know just how important. Their challenge is to figure out the kind of content that will draw in their audience and satisfy the algorithms that power search engines like Google. 

If you’ve got an amazing product or service, but your website is buried on the third page of Google search results, you’re missing out on valuable traffic. That’s a problem. My job? It’s to close the gap, writing insightful content that the search engines will love. Through my copywriting and freelance blog-writing services, I help your website climb the rankings so your potential customers immediately find you. Instead of scrolling through pages of search results, they’ll say, “Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

What is SEO-Optimized Content?

During blog scoping calls, I spend a lot of time educating my clients on the value of SEO-optimized writing. And trust me, the conversations are well worth it. And I get a lot of amazing questions. 

The primary question I am asked is, what is SEO? The answer is that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the art and science of crafting your website and its content so that search engines (think Google, Bing, and Yahoo) can find, understand, and rank it effectively. The better your SEO, the higher your site appears in search results.

So, what makes content SEO-optimized? It’s about more than just throwing a bunch of keywords into a blog post or webpage, though that’s part of it—kind of. It’s about creating valuable content that your audience is searching for and doing so in a way that search engines can easily interpret. This includes using the right keywords naturally, optimizing your headers and tags, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, and ensuring your site loads quickly.

Your Business Needs Great SEO Content For Your Website


If you doubt that you need SEO content, thinking that you can just pound out a bunch of words and put them on a web page, I implore you to think again. Here’s why you need great SEO content:

  • Visibility: Being on the first page of Google significantly increases your website’s visibility. This means more potential customers will find your product or service.
  • Credibility: Ranking high in search results also lends credibility to your business. If Google ranks you highly, potential customers are more likely to trust you, too.
  • Engagement: Well-crafted SEO content speaks directly to your audience’s needs and questions, engaging them from the moment they land on your page.
  • Conversion: The ultimate goal of SEO content isn’t just to attract visitors; it’s to convert them into customers. By aligning your content with the intent of your audience, you’re more likely to see conversions.

Copywriting For You Can Create Great SEO Content For Your Website

So, back to that question of my job? Like I said, I’m a full-time freelance blogger and copywriter. This is all I do, and I do it well. I work with clients to take their keywords and business objectives and turn them into great content that will resonate with their customers, prospective customers, and search engines.

If you’ve decided that you need great content, there’s no time like the present to contact me. You can reach me on Upwork, LinkedIn, or [email protected]. Let’s work together!

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