2024 Rate Card Copywriting For You.

Establishing a transparent and professional relationship with your clients from the get-go is a non-negotiable for business bloggers and copywriters. That’s where a rate card comes into play. A rate card is a list that outlines the prices and descriptions of the services offered. While it’s a term more commonly associated with the advertising, publication, and media industries, it can also be super helpful for freelancers in the content development space.

A Rate Card Establishes Trust and Transparency 

I’ve always been upfront about my prices. Whether someone asks directly or browses the FAQ section of my website, I’ve never hesitated to share. However, I’ve learned that there’s a more professional and, frankly, more reputable way to present this information – through a well-prepared rate card.

Having a rate card readily available to send to prospective clients or when preparing proposals, such as on platforms like Upwork, elevates the professionalism of your business. It’s not just about listing your prices; it’s about showcasing your business’s authenticity and building trust with your clients.

In my experience, a rate card does more than just list prices; it sets the stage for a professional relationship. It helps deter those awkward conversations about discounts or special circumstances, making clear from the outset what you offer and at what price. This clarity is invaluable, both for you and your clients.

Creating Your Rate Card

My rate card, for instance, is split into two primary sections. The first part details my per-word rate for written content. This is straightforward and gives clients a clear idea of how much a project might cost based on its length. The second section outlines my hourly rate for phone consultations. These consultations are an essential part of the scoping process for a project, and by including them in my rate card, I can ensure clients understand that this is a paid part of my service.

Take a look below at the pricing section from the 2024 Copywriting For You rate card, as an example:

It’s worth noting that while some may argue a rate card should include every service available, I believe in starting simple. You need a foundation to build on, and for me, that foundation is my writing and consultation services. Details about which approach to hire me under – per word or hourly for calls – are discussions best saved for a project scoping call. This way, the rate card serves its purpose without overwhelming the client with too many options at once.

Set Up Your Rate Card Today 

Ultimately, a rate card is more than just a document listing prices. It’s a testament to your professionalism and commitment to transparency. It makes your business appear more authentic and helps build a foundation of trust with prospective clients. In a field where reputation and reliability are key, a rate card is invaluable.

So, to my fellow copywriters and freelance bloggers, I cannot stress enough the importance of creating a professional way to display the costs for your services. It may seem like a small step, but it’s a giant leap toward establishing a more professional, reputable, and trustworthy business.

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