A Day in the Life of a Freelance Blogger & Copywriter
A Day in the Life of a Freelance Blogger & Copywriter

As I approach the one-year mark of filing my S-Corp status, I reflect on the rollercoaster of challenges and victories that come with the territory. The most common question I encounter? “What does a day in your life really look like?” So, let me take you behind the scenes and share the intricate details of my day as a freelance blogger and copywriter.

A Day in My Life as a Content Writer 

Mornings and I were never the best of friends. Even during the chaotic years of wrangling my young kids into a semblance of readiness, I found solace in counting the hours until I could retreat back to bed. The traditional 8 AM – 5 PM office grind felt like a form of daily torture, constraining my natural rhythm and creative flow. 

Now, as a seasoned content writer, I’ve found my sweet spot. The shackles of conventional working hours are a thing of the past, allowing me to operate on my own terms—whenever I want, wherever I want. 

The Morning Ritual

My day doesn’t kick off with the blaring sound of an alarm clock. Instead, I grant myself the luxury of waking up naturally, usually sometime between 9 AM and 10:30 AM. As a chronic insomniac, I’ve learned to prioritize rest as an essential part of my routine. After rising, I get started on my morning rituals—brushing my teeth, changing into workout gear, and making my way to my home office.

Navigating the Digital Landscape

The first order of business is a thorough review of my emails, a check on Upwork for new assignments, and a glance at pending invoices. On Thursdays or Fridays, I meticulously confirm all deposits in my business checking account and proceed to manage my financial affairs, paying myself based on a calculation established by my accountant.

Strategizing the Workday

Equipped with a notepad, I dive into the heart of my work—deciding which assignments to tackle for the day. This process involves a unique approach, considering factors such as deadlines, personal inspiration, and the financial value of each task. It’s here that my “daily equation” comes into play—a carefully calculated strategy to meet my annual income goal while maintaining a desirable work-life balance.

My Daily Equation 

I am sure you are scratching your heads, or your brow is furrowed with curiosity. So, let me explain what I mean here. Imagine aiming for an annual salary of $100,000, working five days a week for 49 weeks (the numbers are illustrative for easy math… I hate math). This translates to 245 workdays. 

By dividing $100,000 by 245, I arrive at a daily target of $408.16. This figure dictates the financial benchmark I might strive to achieve each day, with anything exceeding it becoming the proverbial icing on the cake. It’s a strategic pricing approach that aligns with both my income goals and desired daily workload.

The Daily Workout

Before diving into work, I head downstairs to my basement sanctuary for a workout session. A Peloton enthusiast since November 2018, I hop on my trusty bike for a 30-minute ride. Sometimes, I opt for a guided class; other times, I choose the freedom of a “Just Ride” session, accompanied by the latest TV show that’s captured my attention. A few days a week, I incorporate weight training into the mix—I hate weight lifting, but I push my way through it, I promise.

Midday Hustle Commences

Reenergized from my workout and clean from the shower, presentable for the day, I return to my home office by 11 AM (Noon at the latest). This marks the beginning of the real workday, though flexibility is key. While I strive to adhere to this schedule, freelancing often involves adapting to the ebb and flow of creativity and inspiration.

My afternoon is now spent working through the tasks determined for the day. For the most part, I am pretty heads down for the day, just taking a few minutes each hour to rest my eyes from the excessive screentime or to grab a bite to eat. And yes, on some days, I might sneak in a nap. Why? Because I can! YAY!

The Evening Routine

At 5 PM most nights, my laptop shuts down, signaling the start of family time. The kitchen becomes a hub of activity as my husband and I prepare dinner together, accompanied by my stepdaughter. This shared family meal creates a sense of connection before we collectively clean up and reset for the evening.

Continuing the Balancing Act

By 6 or 6:30, I’m back at my laptop, navigating the evening hours with a blend of work and family time. The balancing act continues, with three or four nights dedicated to work and others reserved for relaxation or family outings. It works for me, and I tend to find these evening hours the most productive. For some, early mornings might be best, but for me? That sweet spot is from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Weekly Workload Variations

How many hours do I work each week as a freelance blogger? The answer is as varied as the tasks at hand. Some weeks see me clocking in around 30 hours, while others demand a more robust commitment of 50 to 60 hours. The unpredictability keeps things exciting, requiring adaptability and resilience. And I am a workaholic at heart who has the ability to do what I love to do every day; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, what propels me forward in this freelancing world? Several factors contribute to my success:

  • Intrinsic Drive: Passion fuels my work, making the hours fly by effortlessly.
  • Organizational Mastery: A real notebook, complemented by a fine-point non-bleed Sharpie, serves as my organizational anchor. I meticulously log every assignment, helping me visualize completed tasks and maintain my commitment to fast, reliable, high-quality work.
  • Support System: My family, particularly my husband, greatly supports my unconventional work hours. My family understands that the post-dinner hours are my creative hours, and the laptop becomes a familiar companion during these times.
  • Technology to Do the Job: I transformed my workflow by investing in a new MacBook Pro in early 2023. It’s not just a laptop; it’s my movable office, an essential tool in delivering quality work as a freelance blogger.
  • Establishing Boundaries: Setting boundaries is an art form in freelancing. Refraining from unscheduled calls during the day and designating my time before 11 AM CST and weekends as sacred helps provide uninterrupted focus on the tasks at hand.

A Day in the Life & the Freedom to Call the Shots 

Spending my days as a self-employed freelance blogger grants me the freedom to call the shots. The joy of crafting my schedule, the daily equation, and the intentional boundaries are not just the byproducts of my hustle—they are the essence of it. This structured approach doesn’t only work for me; it allows me to provide exceptional value to my clients. 

To clients and aspiring writers alike, embrace the flexibility of freelancing. Craft your schedule, set your daily plan of attack, and be unapologetically you in the pursuit of your passion. The joy of hustling on your terms is a journey worth taking, and it’s a journey I continue to relish every single day.

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