Create Boundaries, Not Barriers so Your Freelance Blogging Business Can Thrive
Create Boundaries, Not Barriers so Your Freelance Blogging Business Can Thrive
Barriers, Not Boundaries

Success isn’t just about penning captivating content—it’s about establishing boundaries safeguarding productivity, creativity, and sanity. As I chart my course through this bustling new world I have created for myself as a freelance blogger, I’ve found that boundaries aren’t barriers; they’re what is providing me an opportunity to embrace freelance fulfillment. 

My Blogger Boundaries 

Here are six key boundaries I’ve set and why they’re essential to my journey.

1. Structuring My Work Hours

I’ve carved out my time sanctuary. No calls encroach before 11 AM CST or after 4 PM CST, ensuring uninterrupted focus on crafting compelling content. By reserving designated “phone call days” on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I safeguard three undisturbed workdays—this helps me nurture my creativity, stay focused, and hone my craft.

2. Weekends are Sacred

Weekends aren’t just about rest or time off; they’re about relishing moments with loved ones. That’s why I’ve erected a fortress around my Saturdays and Sundays, barring work-related calls. As a freelance virtuoso, I dictate my schedule, ensuring family remains at the forefront without sacrificing professional excellence.

3. Scheduled Calls

Effective collaboration hinges on preparation. I allocate time for comprehensive preparation by mandating scheduled client calls, ensuring each interaction is a value-driven exchange. I offer my clients one 30-minute call every 60 days at no charge. This enables me to balance client engagement and uninterrupted creative flow and prevents clients from calling me to “check-in” or “get updates” periodically, long before the work deadline has arrived.

4. Embracing a No-Discount Policy

Discounts may lure in clients, but they erode value in the long run. Drawing inspiration from a local embroidery shop anecdote, I’ve bid farewell to discounts, valuing my expertise and commitment to excellence. 

Let me share an encounter with you. As I recently placed an order for some logo work at a local embroidery shop, I encountered an image hung on the wall behind their POS system that encapsulated my sentiments perfectly. A drawing of a horse adorned the wall, with its backend beautifully rendered while the front end resembled a stick figure. The accompanying caption struck a chord: “When your client asks if you can do it cheaper.” 

This resonated deeply with me, reflecting the misconception surrounding discount requests. When clients seek discounts in exchange for more work, they aren’t necessarily intending to undermine my worth. However, they may fail to grasp that while additional work is indeed welcomed, discounts inadvertently diminish my value in the market. With other clients willing to pay full price or even higher rates, discounting undermines the integrity of my craft and the quality of service I provide. 

Therefore, I’ve made a conscious decision starting in 2024 to uphold my worth by abolishing discounts altogether. In fact, for all new clients, I’ve implemented a pricing structure that aligns with the industry standard and going rates for blogs, ensuring fair compensation for my expertise and dedication. By adhering to this no-discount policy, I reinforce the value proposition that defines my freelance ethos, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships rooted in respect and appreciation.

5. Prioritizing SEO Optimization and Client Satisfaction

Crafting content isn’t just about words—it’s about impact. I refuse to compromise on quality, ensuring all deliverables are SEO-optimized and brimming with value-driven insights. By prioritizing client satisfaction and brand elevation, I forge enduring partnerships rooted in trust and excellence.

6. Taboo Topics

Similarly, topics revolving around infidelity, swinging, or other sexual relationships remain off-limits in my repertoire. While these subjects may pique curiosity or spark controversy, I recognize the potential for harm in perpetuating narratives that undermine the sanctity of relationships or objectify individuals. 

I’ve established clear boundaries regarding my take on taboo topics. While these topics might resonate with other writers, I staunchly refuse to write on subjects such as drugs or substance use unless framed within the context of rehabilitation or cessation. By steering clear of glorifying or normalizing such behaviors, I uphold a principled stance rooted in promoting wellness and societal responsibility.

Additionally, I refrain from engaging with content related to cannabis or marijuana. In our modern world, where legalization debates and cultural shifts are all around us, I have chosen to exercise caution in contributing to narratives that may glorify or trivialize the use of such substances. Instead, I prioritize crafting content that promotes informed decision-making and fosters a nuanced understanding of complex issues, steering clear of sensationalism or endorsement of potentially harmful behaviors.

By delineating clear boundaries around taboo topics, I uphold the principles of integrity, respect, and social responsibility within my freelance practice. These boundaries serve not only to protect the values I hold dear as a person and as a professional but also to foster constructive dialogue and contribute positively to the collective discourse. 

Boundaries, Not Barriers: The Gateway to Freelance Blogger Fulfillment

With so many deadlines and deliverables to manage as a freelance blogger, boundaries provide me with focus and clarity, helping me to deliver on my value proposition. While some may misconstrue these boundaries as barriers, the bigger picture is that these very boundaries are the bedrock upon which my freelance business thrives. 

Five Reasons I Have Created Boundaries as a Freelance Blogger 

  • Protecting My Sleep: As a chronic insomniac, I’ve learned to prioritize rest like it’s my side hustle. By establishing a no-call zone before 11 AM CST and after 4 PM CST, I safeguard precious sleep hours, ensuring I’m well-rested and ready to conquer the day—on my terms.
  • Sweat Before Script: My writing mojo thrives on endorphins! Before getting into content writing each day, I hit the Peloton for a morning sweat session. It’s my secret sauce for staying energized and infusing my prose with that extra oomph.
  • Quality Over Quantity: By limiting phone calls to two designated days a week, I maintain the flow of my creative river without constant interruptions. Scheduled calls allow me to prep effectively, ensuring each client interaction is a value-packed experience.
  • Family First, Always: Freelancing isn’t just about work—it’s about giving yourself flexibility and control. That’s why I’ve carved out space for family time by prioritizing weekends free from work-related calls. After all, nothing beats the joy of sharing moments with loved ones.
  • Mind Matters: In the hustle and bustle of freelance life, getting lost in the grind is easy. That’s why I’ve erected boundaries to safeguard my mental well-being. By dictating the terms of engagement, I preserve the joy and passion that fuel my creative fire.

Copywriting For You. For Everybody.

My boundaries as a freelance blogger really aren’t barriers. They’re essential safeguards that allow me to perform at my best for my clients. Aspiring copywriters and bloggers take notice: establishing boundaries is not only permissible but paramount for delivering exceptional work. Remember, you can’t cater to everyone’s whims. 

Setting clear boundaries will pave the way for greater client satisfaction and sustained success. Are you in need of great content to drive more of the right customers to your website? Let’s collaborate at Copywriting For You. Reach out today, and let’s schedule a call (see what I did there)! I can’t wait to learn more about your content writing needs.

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