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One of the most popular platforms for freelancers to connect with clients is Upwork. However, simply signing up for an Upwork account isn’t enough to guarantee success. To thrive in the competitive world of freelancing, you must craft a winning Upwork profile that showcases your skills and experience. 

And it seems that more professionals are turning to freelancing to gain flexibility and independence in their careers. I did it, and nearly every week, I learn of someone else I know who is considering turning their side hustle into their full-time gig.

That said, it can sometimes be intimidating as to where to start. This article shares what I’ve learned since using the Upwork platform in 2019. I hope my tips can help you bolster your profile to be the best it can be. 

The Significance of a Complete Upwork Profile

Your profile on Upwork is your digital storefront, the first impression you make on potential clients. It’s the foundation upon which your freelancing career on Upwork is built. A complete profile increases your chances of landing quality gigs and establishes trust and credibility. 

Here’s why each section is crucial:

1. Employment History: Your Freelance Journey Begins Here

Potential clients want to know you have the chops you say you do. They want to know where you’ve worked, how long, and the experience you’ve gained along the way. For example, if you’re a finance writer, clients seeking financial expertise want assurance that you have the right qualifications. In my case, I spent three years at FICO, and nearly four years at Experian and served as the head of marketing for two financial services organizations and/or key divisions. My job experience gives clients peace of mind that I have what they are looking for.

Including your employment history is essential. It’s a testament to your experience and expertise. Include details about your past jobs, projects, and roles relevant to your freelancing niche. Detailed descriptions of your previous work help potential clients understand your capabilities and the value you bring.

2. Portfolio: Showcase Your Skills in Action on Your Upwork Profile

And, don’t think that your portfolio is a one-and-done exercise. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Be sure to add to your portfolio when you have new work completed that you want to show off. You don’t need to list everything in your portfolio, but you do need to make sure that you are adding new content here and there to keep it fresh and to ensure your profile is properly optimized.

Your portfolio is your visual resume. Upload samples of your past work to demonstrate your skills and the quality of your work. High-quality visuals and detailed descriptions can significantly impact a client’s decision to hire you. A robust portfolio proves that you can deliver on your promises.

Maintaining an up-to-date portfolio showcases your recent accomplishments and signals to potential clients that you are actively engaged and continuously evolving in your field. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and your dedication to delivering outstanding results.

3. Education: Highlight Your Knowledge and Expertise

Your education section is where you can showcase relevant degrees, certifications, and courses. It helps clients understand your qualifications and expertise in your field. While your work should speak for itself, take pride in the education you have obtained along the way. So don’t skip out on this section.

Just as in the traditional work setting, prospective employers and clients sometimes want to see that you are putting in (or have put in) the effort to grow your skills and pursue an education. Your educational background can provide insights into your commitment to self-improvement and professional development, which can be a significant selling point.

Remember, just as you would put your educational background on your resume, be sure to add it to your Upwork profile, too. Including your educational achievements helps you stand out and instills confidence in potential clients. It demonstrates that you’ve taken the initiative to acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in your freelancing niche.

4. Video Introduction: Connect on a Personal Level

When I first joined Upwork in 2019, the platform didn’t offer the option for a video introduction. However, in early 2023, I noticed this exciting addition, even though it became available sometime in the previous year. The inclusion of video is a game-changer, allowing freelancers to connect with clients on a personal level and showcase their unique qualities and skills.

The video introduction is a great way for you to introduce yourself to potential clients. It provides a face and a voice to your profile, creating a more personal and engaging experience. With a well-crafted video, you can share your objectives as a freelancer, and speak about your passion for your work, and highlight the type of projects you excel in.

Unlike a static text-based profile, a video allows you to convey your personality, enthusiasm, and professionalism. It’s a powerful tool to build trust and make a lasting impression. Potential clients often appreciate the opportunity to see and hear the person behind the profile before making a hiring decision.

As the world of freelancing evolves, platforms like Upwork continue to introduce innovative features like video introductions to enhance the freelancer-client connection. Embrace this opportunity to connect on a personal level and set yourself apart in the competitive freelancing marketplace.

5. Certifications: Certify Your Skills

Adding certifications to your Upwork profile is a strategic move that can help your profile gain more visibility, putting you in front of more prospective clients. These certifications serve as proof of your skills and expertise, making clients more confident in hiring you for their projects. If you already have certifications, be sure to add them to your profile.

If you don’t have certifications yet, consider signing up for Credly. Credly offers a variety of free and fee-based training programs. Not only can you list these certifications on your profile, but you may also gain new skills along the way. It’s a win-win situation: you enhance your qualifications, and your Upwork profile becomes more attractive to potential clients.

Investing in certifications demonstrates your commitment to staying updated and relevant in your field. In a competitive freelancing environment, clients often prioritize freelancers with recognized certifications, as it gives them assurance of your competence and expertise. It’s a small effort with potentially significant returns in terms of profile visibility and client trust.

So, whether you’re looking to bolster your existing skills or acquire new ones, certifications can be a valuable asset to your Upwork profile. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand out and showcase your expertise to potential clients.

6. Other Experiences: Diversify Your Profile

In this section, you can add unique experiences and qualifications that don’t necessarily fit into the standard categories. It’s an opportunity to add a personal touch to your profile and showcase what makes you stand out as a freelancer.

For instance, I added that I’m a mom and a stepmom. These roles make me uniquely qualified to write about topics related to blended families. Sharing personal experiences can humanize your profile and make it easier for clients to connect with you on a personal level.

You can also include any additional roles or experiences that might be relevant to your freelancing career. For example, if you’re an avid fisherman, mentioning your expertise in this area could be beneficial if you offer outdoor or fishing-related writing services. If you’ve served on school boards, that experience might resonate with clients looking for educational content or consulting.

The key is to highlight experiences that make you unique and add value to your freelancing services. Sometimes, these personal touches can be the deciding factor for a client choosing to work with you over another freelancer. So, don’t hesitate to share what sets you apart in the “Other Experiences” section of your Upwork profile.

7. Profile Photo: Put a Face to Your Name

Headshot for Ann Schreiber - Blonde female in grey jacket and white shirt
Don’t underestimate the value of a professional headshot for your Upwork profile.

In a world increasingly driven by AI and avatars, the need for a genuine human connection remains as strong as ever. Clients want to know that a real person behind the screen will provide them with great content and exceptional service. That’s where your profile photo comes into play – it’s your chance to put a face to your name and make a lasting impression.

While the allure of anonymity might be tempting in some online spaces, freelancing platforms like Upwork thrive on transparency and trust. Clients often prefer working with freelancers who have a clear and professional profile photo. 

Here’s why a great headshot is so important for your profile:

  • Builds Trust: A profile photo humanizes your online presence and makes it easier for clients to connect with you on a personal level. It builds trust by showing that you are a real, approachable individual.
  • Professionalism: A well-chosen and well-taken headshot conveys professionalism. It signals to clients that you take your freelancing career seriously and are committed to delivering high-quality work.
  • Personal Connection: A friendly and approachable profile photo can help establish a personal connection with potential clients. It makes them more comfortable reaching out to you and starting a conversation.
  • Brand Identity: Your profile photo is a part of your personal brand. It’s what clients will remember when they think of you. Make sure it aligns with the image you want to project.

In a world where anonymity is often the norm, a great headshot sets you apart and gives clients the assurance that they are working with a real, dedicated professional. It’s a simple yet powerful tool for making a positive first impression and fostering trust in the freelancing relationship.

8. Overview: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

Your Overview on Upwork is akin to the summary at the beginning of your profile. It’s your opportunity to capture the attention of potential clients quickly and convey what you can do for them rather than focusing solely on what you do. Think of it as your elevator pitch in written form—a concise and compelling statement that addresses the problems you can solve for your client.

Here are some key tips for crafting an effective overview:

  • Client-Centric Approach: Begin by addressing the client’s needs and pain points. Clients want to know how you can help them, so make it clear from the start.
  • Highlight Benefits: Emphasize the benefits of working with you. What value can you bring to the client’s project? How can you make their life easier or help them achieve their goals?
  • Use Bullet Points: Break up your overview with bullet points to make it skimmable. This helps potential clients quickly grasp the key points of your pitch.
  • Concise and Engaging: Keep your overview concise and engaging. Avoid long-winded paragraphs that might lose the reader’s interest.
  • Showcase Expertise: Mention your relevant skills and experiences, but focus on how these qualifications enable you to solve the client’s problems effectively.

Example of a Client-Centric Overview

You need a successful, engaging, and authoritative website to be in business today. But if customers don’t find your website, you are likely losing out on some valuable people (and revenue, too). The best websites subscribe to the EEAT principle – content should demonstrate experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

I write website content such as blogs, articles, and landing page copy that helps position your organization as experienced experts who are authorities in their space. The content I prepare for you will gain the trust of your customers, establishing your company as the expert, so they’ll keep coming back for more.

What I Can Do for You:

  • Create high-quality, authentic, and engaging content that your customers will want to read
  • Maximize site traffic by creating SEO-optimized content, including keywords, H1, H2, H3 headers, backlinks, etc.
  • Provide headline recommendations via HeadlineStudio to give your article better SEO value
  • Help you improve your search engine rankings and boost your credibility

9. Skills: Tag Your Expertise

Similar to what you can do on your LinkedIn profile, you can showcase your skills on your Upwork profile. You can list up to 15 skills that represent your expertise, making it easier for potential clients to find you when they’re searching for specific skill sets.

On my profile, I’ve listed the following skills as an example:

  • SEO Backlinking
  • SEO Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Proofreading
  • Typing
  • Blog Content
  • LinkedIn
  • English
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Content
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Writing
  • Copywriting

These skills are strategically chosen based on what clients typically look for when seeking a blog writer. By including specific skills, you increase your profile’s visibility and ensure that you appear in relevant search results when clients are searching for freelancers with your expertise.

Consider these skills as keywords clients might use to find freelancers like you. Be sure to select skills that accurately represent your capabilities and align with the services you offer. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your profile more discoverable and attract clients seeking your particular skill set.

10. Testimonials: Showcasing Client Satisfaction

The Testimonials section can be a bit tricky, as it requires a willing client to share their positive experiences working with you publicly. However, these testimonials can significantly enhance your profile’s credibility and make it stand out. 

It’s not a one-and-done task; periodically request new testimonials every few months to keep your profile consistently optimized. These endorsements offer prospective clients valuable insights into your past successes and can be a powerful tool in building trust.

Need Help With Your Upwork Profile? Request a Marketing Consultation

If you’re ready to take your Upwork profile to the next level and start winning high-paying gigs, consider requesting a marketing consultation with me. As a freelance marketing consultant with years of experience, I can provide personalized recommendations to bolster your Upwork profile. From optimizing your profile text to refining your portfolio, I’ll help you stand out in the competitive world of freelancing.

A well-crafted Upwork profile is your ticket to success in the freelancing arena. By showcasing your skills, experience, and expertise, you’ll attract the right clients and secure rewarding projects. Don’t underestimate the power of a complete Upwork profile; it’s the key to unlocking your full potential as a freelancer.

Ready to supercharge your Upwork profile and take your freelancing career to new heights? Request a marketing consultation with me today, and let’s get started on your path to success!

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